I am grateful to having been selected as one of 108 outside-US student scholars at GHC18 (867 student scholars in total from a pool of 9.000+ applicants). It was probably the most inspiring conference that I have ever been to.

It was mind-blowing to listen to Gwynne Shotwell talking about SpaceX’s mission to enable humanity to live on multiple planets. The experience is significantly different from watching the talk online. But it was also down-to-earth to listen to other women’ stories and experience during coffee breaks or in waiting lines.

The world largest's gathering of women in tech with 20.000+ female technologists under one roof
''Gallery: Our Time'' showcasing photos and stories of historic figures like Grace Hopper and Anita Borg, as well as of current technologists and some of GHC18 attendees
Barack Obama sent greetings to GHC18 attendees: ''Remember to keep aiming high, dreaming big, and working hard.''